What are my options when getting started with a V+B program?

That’s a question we love – how do I buy your stuff?! Well, don’t fret, we’ve built in plenty of flexibility so that you can find a program that best fits your schedule and needs :-)

First, you’ll have the option to select between a one-week trial program and a weekly subscription. Our weekly subscriptions save you $1.50 per meal (about 12%) and can be paused, modified or cancelled at any time. In either case, delivery is always free.

Second, you will select your meal preference – Vegetable’s Basket (vegan-friendly) or Butcher’s Box (non-vegan; paleo-friendly). But don’t worry, our entire menu is gluten-, dairy- and egg-free, so you can rest assured that you’re getting clean and wholesome ingredients. We can also accommodate other major allergens. See the Food + Nutrition section of our FAQs for additional details.

Third, you’ll have the option to order breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. When determining what will work best for you, try to think about the times of the day when you’re the busiest. Busy with kids in the morning and evening? Tied up in one of those ever-so-productive meetings during the lunch hour? Or just flat out don’t want to cook? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Find what best suits your schedule so that you can spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time on what’s important – taking care of you.

Finally, choose the frequency. Here you can elect to receive 2/4/6 days per week. We deliver on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. For additional information about delivery, see the Delivery section of our FAQs.

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