How do I compost my meal containers with you?

Join our compost program for $2.50 per week. Each week we will include one compostable bag along with your first set of meals. Use this bag to discard your containers and lids (please rinse them beforehand) for the whole week.  At the end of the week, tie off your compost bag and place it directly into your V+B bag and leave your V+B bag at your specified drop-off location the night before the following week's delivery.  For example, if you received deliveries on Monday and Wednesday, you will receive a bag in your Monday delivery, use that bag for your meals the entire week and on Sunday night add your compost bag to your V+B bag.  We will pick up your compost early Monday morning and that morning’s delivery will have a new bag.  If you have additional questions about the compost program contact

Rinse and Compost

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