How do I skip, modify, or cancel my subscription?

See below for how to use your account to make changes to your delivery schedule, modify your subscriptions, and to cancel your subscription.


To skip upcoming deliveries 

You can now easily skip your delivery from the new account homepage. Login using your account email and password. There are two ways to skip:

1) You can click on the show order details to skip next week's delivery only. As long as you skip by Friday at 9PM, you're good to go.



2) Click on View or skip upcoming deliveries if you need to skip future deliveries. 




View or skip upcoming deliveries will allow you to skip your upcoming deliveries. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see weeks in the future. 



Note: if your deliveries include add-ons, you'll need to skip those individually along with the meals.

At this time, we do not have the ability to indefinitely pause a subscription. 


To add or edit products to your subscription
Check out our FAQ page about how to modify your subscription.

To cancel 
... you promise to come back, right?

On your account homepage you'll see all your active subscriptions. Select the subscription you'd like to cancel and click on edit subscription.




Scroll down at the bottom of the edit your subscription page and you'll see a link to cancel the subscription.


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