How does the meal customization tool work?


1.  Log into your account. (Go to the little person icon in the top right corner of the site, enter your email and password, and click the LOGIN button.)




2.  Select which subscription you want to customize and click on “Select next week's meals”. 



you can also click on "select next week's meals" on your homepage to customize your meals. 



3.  Select your subscription (if you have multiple) and your delivery days.    



How delivery works:

  • Customers with a subscription of 2 days per week select 1 delivery day (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) 
  • Customers with a subscription of 4 days per week select 2 delivery days (Monday + Wednesday, Monday + Friday, Wednesday + Friday)
  • Customers with a subscription of 6 days per week select 3 delivery days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Customers may only choose meals from the delivery day they select. For example, if you’d like a Monday delivery, the meals have to come from the meals in the “MONDAY DELIVERY” category.




4.  Select your meals and scroll down and hit the “SUBMIT REQUEST” button to save your selection. Review and confirm your selections and you are set for the following week!  You will also receive an e-mail confirmation.  



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