Which cleanse should I order?

Cleansing 101: Making the most of your experience


Detoxing your body has lots of benefits from reducing bloat to boosting energy levels. There are some best practices to make sure you get the most out of your cleanse, regardless of which one you’ve chosen. (Still deciding which cleanse to try? Check out our guide to choosing a cleanse.)


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Before and after: Ease in and out

You’ll see the most benefits by eating a pure, clean diet for 2 to 3 days before and after the cleanse. Here are some guidelines for what to eat and what to avoid. (V+B offers a pre-cleanse and post-cleanse kit to take the guesswork out.)


Do Eat

  • Raw fruits and vegetables (organic if possible)
  • Whole, unprocessed grains (think brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat)
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Broth-based soups
  • Fresh juices
  • Lots of purified water


Do Not Eat

  • Animal-based foods
  • Iodized salt
  • Refined sugar and flour
  • Fried foods
  • Coffee, cigarettes, soda, alcohol


During the cleanse

Because you’re likely consuming fewer calories than you usually do, it’s normal to feel tired, hungry and a little grumpy at first. But your body will adjust quickly, so stick with it—the feeling at the end is worth it! Here are some FAQs about the cleanse process:

  • What time should I start? We recommend starting an hour or so after you wake up. See below for sample schedules for each cleanse.
  • When do I consume each bottle? Drink a tonic or melk every 2-3 hours. Drink the tonics slowly, which will make you feel more satisfied and allow your body to fully absorb nutrients.
  • What order do I consume them in? Look for the numbers on the bottle caps: That’s your guide. However, if you’d like to mix up the order, that’s ok! We do recommend consuming the Awake tonic or Matcha melk earlier in the day because they contain a small amount of caffeine.
  • What else should I do while cleansing? Drink lots of purified water throughout the day. Our cleanses include 1 or 2 bottles of 9.5pH alkaline water, depending on the number of days. Relax with meditation, yoga or light stretching. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to rest.
  • What shouldn’t I do while cleansing: Avoid any strenuous activity, coffee or tea (if you must have some, limit it to ½ cup and have organic if possible) and alcohol. 
  • I’m really, really, really hungry. Help! Listen to your body. If you need some food to carry you through, grab some raw vegetables or raw nuts. 


Sample schedules for each cleanse (these times can be adjusted depending on your schedule, but we recommend finishing each day no later than 8pm to allow your body to digest before going to bed)


All Tonic

  • 8am: Awake tonic
  • 10am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 12pm: Stretch tonic
  • 3pm: Refuel tonic
  • 5pm: Balance tonic
  • 7pm: Digest tonic
  • Throughout the day: sip on alkaline or purified water


Tonic and Melk

  • 7am: Awake tonic
  • 9am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 11am: Matcha melk
  • 1pm: Stretch tonic
  • 3pm: Boost tonic
  • 5pm: Digest tonic
  • 7pm: Mexican Chocolate melk
  • Throughout the day: sip on alkaline or purified water


Gut Reset

  • 7am: Revive^2 shot
  • 9am: Detox^2 tonic
  • 11am: Stretch tonic
  • 1pm: Kitchari (you can also save this for later in the day—around 5pm or 6pm—if you prefer)
  • 3pm: Kombucha
  • 5pm: Kraut juice (some people find it easier to take this down when mixed with water)
  • 7pm: Digest tonic
  • Throughout the day: sip on alkaline or purified water


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